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At Vargas Gardening, we provide our clients with top-of-the-line commercial tree care services in San Jose Tree Careand its neighboring environments. Since our 1968 launch, we have remained family-owned and unwavering in our commitment to delivering your trees the care it deserves to grow properly.

When you partner with us, you have an unrestricted access to a vast range of commercial tree services. Our clients are commercial property managers and owners and our services and offering is customized to suit their needs. Our wide network allows us to offer you exceptional commercial tree services that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Here are some of the services we offer:

1. Tree Removal:

Should there be a tree on your commercial property that cannot be saved and must be removed, our team of experts can work with you to do it safely. Our crew is experienced to work on just about any size of a tree. And we are also qualified to execute these operations with no further damage to your property and we operate within complete compliance with all local and national safety laws.

2. Weed Abatement:

Simply put, weed abatement involves removing plants and grasses that could be a fire hazard to your commercial structure. Our team works to create spaces around your building which reduces the risk of any loss being suffered to your property from fire.

3. Fertilization:

To ensure your trees enjoy the best type of growth, our team has come up with fertilization programs engineered to provide your trees and shrubs, healthy, steady growth. We know the right nutrients and fungi needed by your plants along with the necessary tree growth regulator applications that will ensure your trees and shrubs stay at an acceptable growth level. These techniques create very healthy tree and they are a part of our complete plant health care service.

4. Irrigation Management:

In addition to being experts in tree and plant care, our team is also able to help you install and maintain the right irrigation system you need to reduce water usage and keep your costs low without starving your landscapes of the necessary nutrients. Whether you need a new irrigation system or a simple hardware replacement or a recalibration of the existing system, you can trust our staff to rise to the occasion and provide you with whatever you need.

5. Pruning & Trimming:

Pruning your tree doesn’t simply keep it looking beautiful, it is also necessary for your tree’s health. This simple trick is overlooked by numerous commercial property holders and the trees often pay the price. Our team of experts have the knowledge, training and equipment to keep your shrubs and trees looking unified, cohesive and most importantly healthy.

6. Seasonal Flower Planting and Care:

Different flowers have different cycles and knowing these cycles and knowing what flowers can be planted where and when is extremely important. We have over 53 years’ experience planting and taking care of seasonal flowers for numerous commercial properties.

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