Fremont Commercial Landscaping

Gone are the days where commercial landscaping was reduced to planting glass, dressing the walkways, and filling the flower beds to achieve ‘curb appeal’. Aesthetic appeal will always be important, but it is even more important to have experts and professionals that are able to factor in disease issues, pest, mold, architectural requirements, long-term maintenance.

At Vargas gardening, we have built our Fremont commercial landscape maintenance services around the 5 tenets of commercial landscaping.

Fremont Commercial Landscaping

Here are some of the services we offer:

1. Landscape Maintenance:

Let us keep your landscape looking as beautiful as the first day it was built with monthly maintenance services. Our offering to you involves a customizable landscape management plan that keeps your commercial property looking like the star you intended it to be. Other services we offer include:

  • Edging & mowing
  • Pruning Shrubs
  • Clean Up

2. Landscape Improvements:

Did you know that landscape improvement should be done in the autumn? Our team contains experts that will provide your landscape with a wide range of enhancements including but not limited to: flower beds, shrubs, ornamental trees and mixed-height plantings to keep your commercial property looking vibrant and healthy. Other services we offer include:

  • Seasonal color and flowers
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Landscape Improvements

3. Lawn Care:

Your lawn requires more than the regular mowing and watering. The process begins with the soil and our expert team has the capability and the experience to ensure your lawn and the other part of your landscape is kept healthy and flourishing all year round. Other services we offer include:

  • Fertilization
  • Pest Control
  • Mulch and Ground Cover
  • Weed Control
  • Aeration and Dethatching

4. Irrigation:

A major component to your landscape flourishing as it should is effective hydration. Therefore, having a functioning irrigation system operating at peak performance is a huge necessity. Our team can help you install the right season or customize or repair your existing system to ensure your lawn gets just the right amount of water. Our team can also help you install the right technology to help you use less water:

  • Xeriscaping
  • Irrigation Repair & Maintenance
  • Irrigation Installation

5. Tree Care:

We know trees play a very important part in making your landscape what it is. But proper tree care is an artform we have perfected over the years. By factoring in tree type, regional climate, exposure, soil type and weather conditions, we are able to create the perfect plan to keep your trees in the best health for many more years. Other services we offer include:

  • Tree Installation and Maintenance
  • Palm Tree installation

6. Hardscape:

You can give your carpark or the lawn a new look by signing up for expert hardscape installation and maintenance services. With our team in your corner, you do not have to worry about any of your landscaping needs anymore.

Each one of these tenets has unique parameters that have been carefully reviewed for each project we take on. Irrespective of the size or scope of the project, we factor in every detail!

We know that as property managers and owners when looking for a Fremont commercial landscaping company, ensuring your commercial property remains beautiful without breaking the bank is particularly important and we approach each project with this in mind.

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