How to Hire the Right Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Having a professional looking and visually enticing space is an important way businesses build their brand, and attract and retain employees, clients, partners, and vendors. When a new potential customer, employee, or partnervisits, the exterior landscape is the first thing they see and conveys a lot of useful information about what kind of company they’re dealing with..
Landscaping your outdoor spaces to match your desired image and values is a serious undertaking. It is better to hire an expert to save time and energy. Here are the things to consider when hiring a contractor to handle the landscaping of your commercial space.

Have a clear picture of what you want

Before you start hiring a contractor, it helps if you already have a clear picture of what you want for your landscape. Ask yourself, what do you want to show your customers, or what is the energy that you want to convey? Do you want flowers, turf, or trees in the area?
This will also help when you start searching for a contractor. It is easier to filter out the ones that do not offer the service you require. Doing a little research about landscapes will help you have a basic picture of the design that you want.

Overall, what you want in a commercial landscaping contractor is that they should be able to help boost your brand image. A stunning landscape can say a lot about a business and will help attract more people and customers.

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Pricing always matters. Asking for quotes and comparing services and rates is also part of finding a contractor that will fit your needs. Once you have options in mind, you can arrange for an interview or meeting to learn more about the scope of their service and whether you can negotiate the pricing.

When you conduct an interview, look for someone who knows how to listen and communicates well. Professional landscapers are certainly knowledgeable about this field but it is also important that they consider your ideas and preferences.

fremont landscaping commercial


Another thing to consider when hiring a commercial landscape contractor is their track record when it comes to safety and security. As a business, it is essential that you ensure your business area is safe for other people and your customers. Ask about the company’s safety precautions and policies. It is also vital that if you hire their service they have an experienced manager or foreman to monitor the work.

Do your research and ask for references

Before you close the deal with a contractor, conduct a background check and ask around. Search for their website or social media page and see what their customers are saying. You can also ask for references directly from the contractor. If you contact them, ask about the quality of work, pricing, timeline and whether they encountered problems and how it was resolved. You can additionally ask for pictures of previous properties and projects that they worked on.

Licensing, Insurance, Certifications and Permit

It is crucial that you hire a contractor that has the permit to operate and has the right certifications needed for the job. If they will be using machinery and heavy equipment, the operators should be qualified. This is also important to ensure the safety and security of your customers.Use the California State Contractors license check website to ensure proper licensure. This will be a good check of both the good standing of a license, as well as proper liability and workers compensation insurance coverage and bonding.

Sustainability, Conservation, and Water

This day and age, adopting sustainable practices is critical to delivering a high quality and modern landscape environment. While old school landscapers will know how to get the job done, many of them have not yet incorporated environmentally conscious practices into their business and are not with the times in terms of making the best drought tolerant and native plant selections, adopting water efficient irrigation and landscape design techniques, and landscaping to minimize environmental impact.

Billing and payment

If you would hire a commercial landscape contractor you would want them to be transparent when it comes to payment and billing. They should be responsive to your queries and concerns if you run into any issues regarding billing. You surely don’t want to be surprised by hidden charges when you see your invoice. So before closing the deal be clear about your expectations about billing and transparency.

Read the Contract

Your contract will state all the important details about the service of the contractor. Make sure that you understand it and there are no vague areas before signing. Moreover, you should check for penalties, billing information, payment frequency, guarantee, and termination policy.

Choosing the commercial landscaping contractor for your needs

Investing in a quality commercial landscaper is never a loss. One of the main reasons businesses hire commercial landscaping services is to transform their outdoor business space. Furthermore, a positive and visually pleasing work area boosts productivity and attracts potential customers.

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