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Founded in 1968 by Daniel Vargas, we are a family-owned, licensed, bonded and insured commercial gardener and landscape maintenance service provider (CA contractor license #1070354). We have a strong tradition of excellence in horticultural practice and customer service. We are socially and environmentally conscious, adopt professional landscape best practices, and care deeply about our clients, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve. We take pride in our craft and aim to be the best commercial gardening service provider in the region.

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Landscape Maintenance

As a maintenance-focused commercial landscape services company, we offer a wide range of services helping clients maintain their properties in an eco-conscious and cost effective manner including the following:

  • General Grounds Management: Our general landscape and grounds management plans include plant health, water conservation, debris removal, weeding, path clearing, sweeping, edging, landscape irrigation management and repair, and pest control. We keep an eye on the properties we service to maintain a professional appearance, ensure safe outdoor conditions, and help mitigate grounds-related liabilities deriving from the landscaped environment. Providing this extra set of eyes on the property conditions is one of the primary reason clients trust Vargas with their property's landscape maintenance.
  • Lawn Care: Our typical lawn services include mowing, blowing, edging, fertilizing, re-seeding, aerating, weed control, disease management, and pest control. We can maintain all types of grasses and grass blends used in the Northern California climate zones.
  • Plant and Shrub Care: Our typical plant care services include trimming, pruning, fertilization, irrigation management, and weed abatement. We can also set up a mulch refresh routine to keep the planted areas looking clean and fresh.
  • Tree Care: We can help clients with their overall tree management program including tree mapping, routine trimming, tree health, storm response, and all services related to installing, maintaining, and removing trees.
  • Irrigation System Operation, Maintenance, and Repair: We can program, operate, and maintain landscape irrigation systems that efficiently use water in a horticulturally appropriate way to keep the entire living landscape environment looking healthy and vibrant. We can handle all types of irrigation system issues including water emergencies, controller programming, broken pipes, valves, solenoids, heads, and nozzles. We also do fine detail work of tuning controller schedules and spray patterns to minimize wasteful water uses.
  • Seasonal Flower Rotation: For clients looking to add color to their landscape, we can set up a seasonal flower rotation program to handle the routine planting, removal, composting, tilling, and re-planting of flower bed areas.
  • Smart Water Management: Our expertise in landscape irrigation allows us to help clients create and implement water conservation plans, comply with local water regulations, handle recycled and gray-water irrigation systems, repair and/or replace aging irrigation infrastructure, and at all times operate in a water-conscious manner while maintaining a vibrant landscape. We strive toward best practices in water management and embrace technological innovations that allow us to manage the landscape dynamically based on real-time conditions utilizing smart controllers, sensors, and weather monitoring.
  • Connected Landscapes: If you are looking to take your property to the next level by adopting the latest technologies in landscaping such as remotely operable smart controllers, advanced water management, leak detection, and more, we can help.
  • Landscape Enhancements: If your property just needs some love or small enhancement projects rather than a full renovation, we are glad to take on smaller or incremental projects including one-time cleanups, addition or removal of trees, installation of water efficient sprinkler heads, re-programming irrigation controllers, applying refreshed mulch or bark, installations of new areas of lawns, flower beds, shrubs, plant replacements, or even installations of artificial turf.

We have been commercial landscape contractors serving the greater San Jose market and specializing in landscape maintenance for over 50 years. We service commercial properties throughout San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Cupertino, Pleasanton, and Livermore. We work directly with commercial property owners, property managers, and associations.

Landscape Renovation Design & Installation

As a licensed, bonded and insured commercial landscape contractor, we can design and install an eco-friendly, modern, and maintainable landscape for your property. Our design practices focus on delivering landscapes that utilize native drought-tolerant plant selections and water-efficient irrigation designs, which can be maintained with less water and fewer chemicals.

Our Process:

  • To begin the process, our team will meet with you and walk the property while discussing design ideas and budgets.
  • Next we will then build a full plan and deliver a proposed quote and schedule for the project. Our quote will typically also include some visuals, a set of contract terms, and a price for Vargas to perform the ongoing maintenance on the renovated property.
  • From the initial proposal, we will collect and incorporate any feedback and go back and forth until we arrive at a mutually acceptable proposal, and then execute the contract.
  • From there, we will collect the deposit, schedule the work and communicate schedule updates as the work progresses until it is complete.
  • We will notify you when the work is complete and present the final invoice. If there is a maintenance plan, we will brief the maintenance crew and begin the routine maintenance portion of the work.

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